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Everybody Edits features an ingame chat where players can talk to one another. Using the same ingame chat, you can enter multiple commands that can perform certain actions, access owner-only features, or use as common utilities.

Global Commands

You can use these commands in any world, as they are simple ultilities.


Clears the chatbox, only affects you.


Gets the position of a player in blocks.

Usage: /getpos USERNAME


Shows a list of commands and their functions.

Usage: /help [COMMAND]

/hide players

Hides every smiley except for yours, but players can still chat with you.


Displays coordinates of your cursor in blocks, returns extra information like the placer of a block if you have edit.

Hotkey: Shift+I


Mutes a player. They will not be able to PM you.

Usage: /mute USERNAME


Private message a player. Only they will be able to see your message.


Hotkey: Backspace

/reportabuse, /report, /rep

Report a player for foul behavior. Use this with caution. For more information on reporting, visit here.

Usage: /reportabuse USERNAME [DESCRIPTION]


Returns the ID of the world you are in.

/show players

Shows every smiley if they are hidden.

/spectate, /spec

Spectate a player, allows you to see what they do. Spectating must be on in the world options.

Usage: /spectate USERNAME


Unmutes a player, allowing them to PM you again. You will also see their messages again.

Usage: /unmute USERNAME

World Owner Commands

Only world owners may use these commands. Crew members may also use them if they have the World Options permission.