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Here's what we need done:

  • LOTS of problems still remain. If you specialize in fixing one of these problems, please save these pages!
    • Orphaned Pages - These pages don't have other pages linking to them, so chances are they'll be hard to find. We need other pages to link to them!
    • Dead-end Pages - These pages don't link anywhere, so they're dead-ends. We need people to link other pages appropriately!
    • Stubby Pages - These pages are small, and don't have a lot of information. If you're a good writer and know what you're doing, these are the pages for you.
    • Outdated Pages - Savvy on the latest Everybody Edits news? These outdated pages could use some help.
    • Wanted Pages - These pages don't exist yet, but some pages link to them. If you could help start these pages out, that would be awesome!
  • There are still a lot of articles to be added. Some missing articles can be found on the Wikia side of things. Be careful when copying pages over, though. There's a big lack of quality control over on the Wikia, and some pages are just mangled versions of older wiki pages.