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The game's text-only logo
The logo of Everybody Edits.

Everybody Edits was a game originally created by Chris Benjaminsen. It was a real-time, multiplayer, two-dimensional platform game where players interact and create worlds for others to enjoy. There was no real goal in the game, rather it acts as a sandbox where users can create experiences for each other.

The game officially released March 13, 2010.

The game was discontinued on December 30, 2020 7:00 PM EST and it was replaced by Everybody Edits Offline.


Flixel Walker

The first version of the game was a test by Benjaminsen on March 3, 2010 to test the Flixel Engine. He called it Flixel Walker, and it started in a thread in the Flixel forums.

Multiplayer Platformworld

After Flixel Walker, he started a simple testing ground called Multiplayer Platformworld. It had minimal features: the minimap, six Smileys, multiplayer, a few Blocks, and the Gravity Action package. It gained popularity and continued to grow.

Old Everybody Edits

Chris soon rebranded this to become Everybody Edits, the first real version of the game. This consisted of a small hub filled with a set number of Worlds in it. When it was released, people would collaborate in Worlds without the chat system. At the peak of its time, at least one person would be in every room.

Update 1.0+

Everybody Edits 1.0 introduced many things, including a new lobby, chat, shop, tiles, Smileys, Beta, Builders Club, and many other features. Its owners consisted of Benjaminsen, MrShoe, NVD, and Nou. It was released on April 2011.

Update 2.0

Everybody Edits 2.0 introduced long awaited features, like Campaigns, Crews, new Auras, username changes, Effect Action items, and more. Its owners consisted of Nou, Nvd, and Xenonetix. It was released on August 20, 2015.

Update 3.0 / Everybody Edits Universe

Everybody Edits 3.0, also known as the rEEboot, is a promised new version for Everybody Edits. It has been in development even before Everybody Edits 2.0, and has gone through many different revisions. The update was originally planned to be in the Unity engine, but this was idea was eventually scrapped. The Unity version was being developed by Nou. The current owner is Xenonetix.

Currently, you can get into the beta test by having Beta or Patreon.

Everybody Edits 3.0 "will be ready for Beta Launch early into 2019, if not sooner!"[1]


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