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OHCRAP BEARS is one of the maps created by EX Crew and was released on July 10, 2010. It is generally regarded as their breakthrough map that made the EX Crew name well known in the EE community. The inclusion of animation and a completely original theme helped the map stand out from any other at the time of its release.


The title was developed to exemplify the exact words a player would think after landing in the middle of a war involving vicious and advanced bears. The frankness of the title was meant to attract attention and distinguish the map from all others on the selection list.


OHCRAP BEARS takes the player on an adventure through a world populated by a species of advanced bears engaged in a brutal conflict. Players start off at the site of a crashed spaceship and must travel through a forest to reach the base of operations for one of the bear factions sitting on the left. They then journey across a battle scene until they reach the outpost of the other bear faction on the right side, and from there they find a jet pack that allows them to fly through another battle scene filled with flying bears. They then enter a rocket that allows them to travel into space where salvation lies at the end of the map. Originally the flying bears shot laser beams through the use of animation.