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Open Worlds are a type of world where everyone can edit freely. These were originally the only world type available. Open Worlds do not have an owner, and cannot be saved. Like Locked Worlds, once the last person leaves, the level is erased permanently and links to it will break.

Differences from other world types

Open Worlds have several restrictions separating them from the other types of levels.

  • Players can not edit the top 5 rows of blocks in Open Worlds.
  • Players can not place blocks through clicking and dragging, they can only place blocks one-by-one by clicking.
  • Players can not enter God Mode in certain types of Open worlds.
  • Commands are not available, as Open Worlds have no set Owner.
  • Only certain free blocks which require no energy to buy are available in certain types of Open worlds.
  • Open worlds cannot be previewed, as there is no saved world.
  • The world size is fixed at Massive (200x200 blocks)

See also: Locked Worlds, Saved Worlds