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The Red Ninja was a smiley that appeared on MisterShoe's profile in 2012. You were able to get it from the energy shop for 1000 energy. Its description was "a worthy opponent of the black ninja". Later, it disappeared from the shop. However, the smiley got re-added on 14 March 2015 as a secret smiley after being one of the only unused smileys, except that in the first hours the secret messed up due an error in code. It was removed from everyone hours after and the method to obtain it changed. Read More


Method 1

This method doesn't work anymore.

You had to select the Ninja smiley while you're already wearing it. This would instantly turn you into the Red Ninja, and it would add it to your smiley count to be selected at any time you wanted to, simply selecting Ninja twice.)

The original method had an error and everyone found it out. The fastest growing way to trigger the error was by wearing the Ninja smiley and going to your own world, you obtained the red ninja, making players know of it immediately.

Method 2

This method doesn't work anymore.

After the developers were notified about the error, they came up with a new method and removed the Red Ninja from everyone. It was completely hidden until NVD gave a hint: "Red ninja is Alone + Red key + Patience." This hint meant you had to make an AFK machine with a red key door. You would then wear the Ninja smiley, wait a while, and come back to see that you're wearing the Red Ninja smiley. This could also be achieved by spamming a red key.

Method 3

When the Colorful campaign was added, Method 2 was removed and the Red Ninja was added as a reward to tier 3 of the Colorful campaign.