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Staff Members are people who officially work on a part of the game, whether that be programming, graphics, moderating, or something else. All staff members have the superman smiley and the label block. They cannot be kicked from worlds; attempting to do so results in a chat message saying you cannot kick staff.


Admin Aura

Administrators, commonly known as admins, are the people who run the game. They can freely edit any level and remove any participants in said level. They have a yellow-orange username and a rainbow glow when sporting Admin Mode.

Current Administrators

Username Nickname Role Administrator as of
Nvd Spambler Works on server and client coding, and works on several behind-the-scenes matters of EE. Owner, team leader and manager of the game. February 2015
EEJesse Jesse Currently, Jesse will focus mainly on the Unity project. April 2017[1]
Showpath N/A Currently, he will help speed up the Unity port process. March 2017[2]


The special mod god aura

Moderators, commonly known as mods and formerly as guardians, are people who moderate the game. In other words, they make sure that all players are following the rules. They can kick people from a world. They also deal with incoming reports. Moderators have a purple username and glow when they go into Mod Mode. The idea of this sub-administrator position was proposed in August 2014,[3] and introduced as guardians in September 2014.[4]

Current Moderators

Username Nickname Role Moderator as of
Benje00 N/A Moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports. April 2016[5]
lrussell N/A Moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports. October 2016[6]
Megalamb Ultralamb Moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports. March 2017[7]
Phinarose Phina She is well respected and known in the community, and is capable of interacting with players in a friendly and respectful manner whilst also effectively dealing with in-game conflicts. April 2017[8]

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, commonly known as designers, are the people who make graphics for the game.

Current Graphic Designers

Username Nickname Role Designer since of
Cola1 Wambysock Makes graphics for the game. He made the fox smiley in 2014. August 2017

Former Staff

Username Nickname Role No longer staff as of
RPGMaster2000 N/A Made the graphics for the game 2010-2012. 2012
SBeam Peter Boné Helped Benjaminsen programming until 2012. 2012
Kerff MrSecretGraphicsGuyWhoDoesAllOfOurGraphics Made the graphics for the game 2012-2014. 2014
Ultrabass N/A Moderated the game and dealt with incoming reports. Maintained Everybody Edits 2. October 2014[9]; 2015
TechnoWolf99 LightWolf Was added to help optimize the game, The only 2 things he did were fixing a bug and helping with developing team effects before going inactive. 2015
TheSource85 N/A Moderated the game and dealt with incoming reports. Nvd's relative. August 2015
Benjaminsen Chris Created the game and developed it until 2012. August 2015
MrShoe Julian Ridley Ran the game 2012-2015. August 2015
MrVoid N/A Helped MrShoe with updates. August 2015
Cyclone N/A Ran the original fan forums. August 2015
Toby N/A Helped with the original website, he's now the community manager of Nonoba. August 2015
KingOfTheOzone Koto Moderated the game, dealt with reports. December 2015[10]
JaWapa N/A Moderated the game, responded to a few reports. He mostly worked on clientside code and web design for the official website. February 2016[11]
Zioxei N/A Dealt with one report until being demoted a day later for power abuse. April 2016[12]
Master1 Master Moderated in game and made sure peace is kept. September 2016[13]
CJMaeder Lame Fixes bugs in the game and helps code new stuff. January 2017[14]
Aslai Kaslai Temporary developer to help speed up the Unity port process. March 2017
xJeex N/A Focuses on in-game UI development and also works on the client and server. March 2017
Processor Yonom Works on C# server-side code and HTML. In addition, he oversees and reviews the coding before release, making sure the code is clean and functional. March 2017[15]
Thanel N/A Works on server-side as well as client-side coding, including the UI. March 2017[16]
Nou Nou2 Former owner, team leader and manager of the game. March 2017
Kira Kiraninja Moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports. He is also focuses on the campanigns before it's the release. April 2017
Toop Brushfire Makes graphics for the game. July 2017
Koya SquadFS, BBMP Website design, moderates in-game, and deals with incoming reports. He is helping to develop and improve upon the designs and layouts, old and new within Everybody Edits. October 2017