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Mission Cave

January 2018's featured world was made by MrMatsBoy!

Mission Cave is a minigame map made by MrMatsBoy. It consists of a series of small cave areas, with 25 in total. View both sets of featured levels

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Featured Article


January 2018's featured article was written by fellow wiki editors!

Everybody Edits Staff are staff members who officially work on a part of the game, whether that be programming, graphics, moderating, or campaigns. All staff members are given the Superman smiley and the Label action item. They cannot be kicked from worlds or muted. The staff team is split in to four sub-teams: the Development Team, Moderation Team, Design Team, and Campaign Team. Each team has a lead member to run the team and pitch their contributions to the other staff. Previously, there were no teams, only administrators, moderators, developers, and graphics designers. Read more

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