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Bot Programming

The following guide has been written by Hummerz5 and Tomahawk

Bot Programming has taken a unique role in Everybody Edits culture. Some despise Bots as intrusive to the game itself. Others find them quite useful. Of these supporters, divisions can still be made. Therein you find users who play Bot-Assisted Levels, users who run bot programs, and still other users who ultimately create these programs. None of these subdivisions are mutually exclusive. Therefore, you can often find players who can enjoy a fun bot and discuss how to create or practically improve the program. This guide is particularly aimed towards the Bot Programmers. This will be most beneficial to those with little to no experience... [Read more]

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December 2, 2017 (v225.1)

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The Official EE Advent Calendar 2017!

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  • (9/2/15) - There has been a little bit of vandalism lately. Any vandalism will be met with a permaban.
  • (4/17/15) - Wiki accounts have been linked to the forums. Use your forum account to log in.
  • (4/16/15) - Wiki has been revived!
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  • (1/5/11) - Editing re-enabled, sorry for the delay!
  • (12/23/10) - Editing disabled temporarily
Featured Level
Lethal Lava Labyrinth #1 is a co-op map, which means it has to be played by two people to progress. It contains brilliantly thought out puzzles to solve with great danger. Take it slow, and solve the puzzles! It is highly recommended to read the instructions before playing.

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