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Magic class was a modification of the original Magic feature in Everybody Edits that allowed players to rank up. In prior versions, magic decayed over time meaning that it was possible to drop a class when the players are not active. Magic is found in a shape of a coin. When a player touched a coin, there was a chance it was a magic coin, the magic coin then went towards the player's magic total which helps them rank up.

A magic coin.

On February 24, 2015 magic classes were removed from the game.


If the coin was a magic coin, it would add 1 to the player's magic class bar. When the bar full, the player would rank up. The ranks went from 1 to 12. In older versions of EE, magic used to fade over time, which was displayed by a circle graph. Originally Builders Club members were the only ones who did not suffer from magic decay, but later it was removed from everyone. There was also a tab that showed how much magic the player had collected that day. The tab could be found on top of the screen whenever a player is in a level. If the mouse cursor was held over the tab it would scroll down to show how much magic the player had collected that day.

When a player ranked up, the player's maximum energy increased and a badge temporarily appeared above the player. This badge was displayed on the user profile and was different for each class.

There was no limit to how many magic coins a player can get in a single day, but magic has become much rarer and valuable since magic classes were removed.

Badge Title Magic Class Start Coins Coins Required to Next Class Max Energy (always 200+)
Woot lvl 1.jpg 1 Amateur 0 5 200
Woot lvl 2.jpg 2 Novice 5 7 205
Woot lvl 3.jpg 3 Student 12 8 212
Woot lvl 4.jpg 4 Apprentice 20 10 220
Woot lvl 5.jpg 5 Regular 30 10 230
Woot lvl 6.jpg 6 Journeyman 40 15 240
Woot lvl 7.jpg 7 Adept 55 25 255
Woot lvl 8.jpg 8 Scholar 80 35 275
Woot lvl 9.jpg 9 Mentor 115 50 300
Woot lvl 10.jpg 10 Expert 165 65 330
Woot lvl 11.jpg 11 Master 230 90


Woot lvl 12.jpg 12 Grandmaster 320




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