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A typical Regular Maze level.

Maze Levels are a type of level whose defining feature is gameplay based around finding a path to the end of the level.


There are many different types of maze levels, each with their own unique aspects.

Regular Mazes

These mazes' construction are very straightforward. All paths are clear both in-game and on the minimap. Usually, only one path leads to the end.

Random Mazes

Random Mazes consist of random or seemingly-random bricks scattered about the entire level, usually with a win room in an upper corner of the level.

Secret Mazes

These mazes aren't usually standalone levels, instead being used as minigames. They're very similar to regular mazes, but can either be constructed of completely black blocks on a black background or using secret blocks to conceal all paths both from the minimap and in-game.


Regular Mazes

The goal of Regular Mazes is to get to the goal at the other side of the maze. Mazes have many dead ends and false paths, usually with only one of those leading to the end. Unlike other types of mazes, dead ends are visible and apparent without actually running into them, making them much easier to complete.

Random Mazes

The goal of Random Mazes is to choose the most appropriate route of bricks and be able to make it to the top. Most routes do not work because the player cannot reach the next brick, and they are forced to go back and find another path to try. Poorly made Random levels have no possible routes, leading to ragequitting. Random levels can also include the use of keys and gates either to add a team-playing aspect or a greater challenge.

Secret Mazes

Secret Mazes, like all Maze Levels, are centered around finding the end. However, secret mazes are constructed out of blocks that obscure all paths, forcing the player to try all available paths until they stumble onto one that leads to the end. If secret blocks are used, the player can avoid trying the same path twice and eventually make it to the end through the process of elimination if nothing else. However, mazes made out of pure black blocks and placed on a pure black background do not have this advantage and players can get lost in them, potentially trying paths many times before they manage to find their way out.