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Stairs Levels are levels where centered around competitive play where players try to get to the top first, sending all unprepared players backwards.


Stairs Levels are comprised primarily of key doors, and include keys and solid bricks in their path. Stairs are typically arranged into side-by-side columns that each stretch to the top of the map. Each staircase is typically made out of its own color of key and door.


The goal of Stairs Levels is to get to the key at the very top each of the sets of stairs and move on to the next color of stairs. Once the key is touched by a player, the doors that the stairs are comprised of disappear and make any player on them fall back to the bottom. Typically, stairs have checkpoints made out of solid blocks. If a player begins to fall, he/she can reach an older checkpoint at the top of a single set of stairs to prevent from falling all the way to the beginning. Some owners move the key inside anti-gravity arrows that prevent players from triggering a key multiple times and preventing anyone from progressing on the stairs. If there are many players, Stairs can also be considered a Race Level, as you have to get to the key first to prevent yourself from falling.