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Featured Level
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Moderator Land

March 2018's featured level was made by Stubby!

Moderator Land is a level created by Stubby, and is considered one of EE's most classic levels. It contains signatures by almost every EE Staff member.
View both sets of featured levels

Latest Updates

Main Game - March 6, 2018


Blog - March 21, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

Events - March 21, 2018

Limited Events
  • Masquerade Smiley limited until March 29th!
  • Butterfly Smiley is on sale for 8 Gems!
  • Bee Smiley is on sale for 8 Gems!
  • Spring 2016 Pack is on sale for 10 Gems!
  • Spring 2011 Decorations are on sale for 10 Gems!

Wiki - February 9, 2018

  • (3/16/18) - Some big improvements have been made to the main page.
  • (2/9/18) - The wiki has been given a ton of updates and has now been fully revived!
  • (2/8/18) - The Manual of Style has been put up. Follow it to help keep articles consistent!
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Featured Article
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Easter Eggs

March 2018's featured article was written by fellow wiki editors!

Easter eggs, by definition, are secrets or jokes you can find in games. Everybody Edits is no exception, and contains its fair share of easter eggs. A wide variety of said easter eggs include secret Smileys and website secrets.
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