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Potions were items that affected a player's ability (i.e. jumping) that first appeared to Beta users on October 10th, 2012. They were released to all players on November 7th, 2012. You could only buy a max of 10 potions each, and once used, they were gone and needed to be repurchased. Potions had a time duration and once the time passed, the potion effect would be gone. On October 31st, 2012, old worlds would have potions disabled by default and new worlds would have them enabled by default. Potions were added by MrShoe.

There were commands to turn off a certain type of potion. Visit Chat commands.

As of April 18th, 2015 potions have been removed. The potions were replaced with effects and auras instead.

Potions Effects

Potion of Jump
This Potion increases your jumping ability; the default jump only reaches 5 blocks, however by using this potion increases it by 1 block, or now six, for 30 seconds.
Potion of Blue/Green/Yellow/Red Aura
Changes your color on the minimap, and God Mode Aura. Note that each color has different prices and effect times.
Potion of Fire Aura
The Potion of Fire Aura, only makes an effect in-game, and not on the minimap. The effect is disabled while in God Mode.
Potion of Curse
This potion makes you have a skull floating over your smiley's head, meaning that you have the curse. In order to transfer it, you must touch another player; the curse is transferred from you to that player. Note that the curse only lasts for one minute and the last player that has the curse remaining on his smiley will be killed by a curse.
Potion of Protection
The potion protects you from hazards, with an exception of Curses and being infected from a Zombie Potion. It gives you a glowing white aura.
Zombie Potion
This potion is similar to the Potion of Curse, however it "spreads". It gives you a special smiley that you cannot remove, and like the Potion of Curse the effect lasts for a minute.
Respawn Potion
Respawns you to a random spawn point or the last touched checkpoint.
Potion of Levitation
Unlike God Mode, this potion only acts like a jet pack, where you hold space to fly and release to go down. The effect lasts for a minute.
Potion of Flaunt
Shows your current badge. Unlike the badge that you level up with, the badge does not glow.
Speed Potion
This potion increases your movement speed.
Black Potion
This potion was removed from the game and it was found in the game files. Its function is unknown.

List of Potions

ID Name Obtained From Energy Cost Gem Cost Minimun Magic class Duration
Empty Potion
P1.png 1 Potion of Red Aura Shop 225 4 7 45 Minutes
P2.png 2 Potion of Blue Aura Shop 100 2 1 15 Minutes
P3.png 3 Potion of Yellow Aura Shop 150 3 5 30 Minutes
P4.png 4 Potion of Jump Shop 25 1 2 30 Seconds
P5.png 5 Potion of Green Aura Shop 100 2 3 20 Minutes
P6.png 6 Potion of Curse Shop 100 2 3 1 Minute
P7.png 7 Potion of Fire Aura Shop 150 3 6 10 Minutes
P8.png 8 Potion of Protection Shop 100 2 5 30 Seconds
P9.png 9 Zombie Potion Shop 100 2 4 1 Minute
P10.png 10 Respawn Potion Shop 25 1 2 3 Seconds
P11.png 11 Potion of Levitation Shop 50 1 2 1 Minute
P12.png 12 Potion of Flaunt Shop 200 4 3 30 Seconds
P13.png 13 Potion of Solitude Shop 200 4 3 5 Minutes
P14.png 14 Speed Potion Shop 50 1 3 30 Seconds
Black Potion