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32OrtonEdge32dh, formerly 32OrtonEdge32 and often nicknamed Orton, 32, Edge, or Ortie is an Everybody Edits player. He registered on the main site on December 24, 2010, but played on Kongregate prior to this with the 32OrtonEdge32 account.


32OrtonEdge32dh was an early adopter of Everybody Edits, and quickly became part of the community, be it on Kongregate, the forum, or in-game chat. While he would be the first to admit he was a bit grandiose and "cringy," for lack of a better term, he fast found himself welcomed into the fold.

He soon made the forum his main focus, owing to a mix of appreciating the format and generally not being great at EE, be it building minigames, completing them, or making complex minimap art. He racked up thousands of posts in short order, becoming one of the most active members and remaining in the top 20 posters to this day. He was an extremely active candidate in the now-infamous EElection, running as leader of the independent GrEEn Party and earning a respectable yet insufficient amount of votes.

After a break from the community, he returned to the main Discord server and has continued to be the same influence as always, providing a unique mix of both strong leadership and knee-slapping humor.