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Art levels are worlds where players can admire art by others.


Art Levels are worlds focused entirely on the visual aspect of the level. There are few minigames if any. Minigames that are in Art Levels are not typically very innovative, as not much effort is put into them. Art Levels can often be found containing many small pieces of art by several different people. When artists for prospective "Art Levels" are convened, the result is often a scattered array of unrelated art styles, mediums, and subjects. Some players bide their time by creating a way for users lacking edit rights to navigate between pieces; others choose the more destructive path of trolling.


Unlike most other worlds, users don't interact with the world much. There are usually not any minigames to be played, just art to be viewed. In unlocked worlds, players can draw their own art. Pixel art is the most common medium in Art Levels, but occasionally full map art is done. These projects are infrequently aided by of bots and programs such as Aslai's EE Animator or an equivalent. Popular art is sometimes inspired by video games series that are popular with the Everybody Edits userbase including Everybody Edits itself in the form of smiley art.