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This is a list of bricks displayed in the "Background Tab" in the editor.


Name Energy Gems Description Package Names
Basic BG 01.pngBasic BG 02.pngBasic BG 03.pngBasic BG 04.pngBasic BG 05.pngBasic BG 06.pngBasic BG 07.png Basic Free Free None Basic
Brick BG 01.pngBrick BG 02.pngBrick BG 03.pngBrick BG 04.pngBrick BG 05.pngBrick BG 06.png Brick Free Free None Basic
Checker BG 01.pngChecker BG 02.pngChecker BG 03.pngChecker BG 04.pngChecker BG 05.pngChecker BG 06.pngChecker BG 07.png Checker Free Free None Checker
Dark BG 01.pngDark BG 02.pngDark BG 03.pngDark BG 04.pngDark BG 05.pngDark BG 06.pngDark BG 07.png Dark 250 5 Solid dark backgrounds in the classic Everybody Edits colors! Dark
Normal BG 01.pngNormal BG 02.pngNormal BG 03.pngNormal BG 04.pngNormal BG 05.pngNormal BG 06.pngNormal BG 07.png Normal Free Free None Normal
Pastel BG 01.pngPastel BG 02.pngPastel BG 03.pngPastel BG 04.pngPastel BG 05.pngPastel BG 06.png Pastel 500 10 Bright and pretty pastel colored backgrounds! Pastel
Canvas BG 01.pngCanvas BG 02.pngCanvas BG 03.pngCanvas BG 04.pngCanvas BG 05.pngCanvas BG 06.png Canvas 500 10 Canvas with oil painted in 9 fresh colors. Canvas
Carnival BG 01.pngCarnival BG 02.pngCarnival BG 03.pngCarnival BG 04.pngCarnival BG 05.png Carnival 750 15 Dress your world up with these vibrant backgrounds. Carnival
Candy BG 01.pngCandy BG 02.png Candy 1000 20 Eyecandy for everyone! 6 decorative blocks, a couple of backgrounds, and some tasty decorations! Candy
Halloween 2011 BG 01.pngHalloween 2011 BG 02.pngHalloween 2011 BG 03.pngHalloween 2011 BG 04.png Halloween 2011 N/A 25 Make your own scary world! Halloween 2011
SciFi 2013 BG 01.png Sci-Fi 1000 20 Buy the future today! Futuristic themed blocks and rotatable decorations. Sci-Fi
Prison BG 01.pngPrison BG 02.pngPrison BG 03.pngPrison BG 04.png Prison 300 6 Stone bricks and iron bars to lock up troublesome players. Prison
Pirate BG 01.pngPirate BG 02.pngPirate BG 03.pngPirate BG 04.pngPirate BG 05.pngPirate BG 06.pngPirate BG 07.png Pirate 750 15 Set sail with these wooden pirate blocks and decorations! Pirate
N/A Stone 500 10 4 stone textures and masonry backgrounds to build with. Stone
Ninja BG 01.pngNinja BG 02.pngNinja BG 03.pngNinja BG 04.png Dojo 1000 20 Colorful terracotta shingles and plastered walls. Includes a climbable ladder too! Dojo
Cowboy BG 01.pngCowboy BG 02.pngCowboy BG 03.pngCowboy BG 04.pngCowboy BG 05.pngCowboy BG 06.png Wild West 1500 30 Dusty, painted wooden structures, balconies and batwing doors for that classic western ambience! Wild West
Water BG 01.pngWater BG 02.pngWater BG 03.pngWater BG 04.pngWater BG 05.png Water 750 15 Time to get soaked! A fluid for smileys to swim in, and also includes oceanic backgrounds and wave crests. Water
Sand BG 01.pngSand BG 02.pngSand BG 03.pngSand BG 04.pngSand BG 05.pngSand BG 06.png Sand 850 17 6 unique blocks of sand! Each with their own corresponding decoration and background. Sand
Plate Iron BG 01.pngPlate Iron BG 02.pngPlate Iron BG 03.pngPlate Iron BG 04.pngPlate Iron BG 05.png Industrial 1250 25 Metal everywhere! Sheeny machinery blocks, iron plate backgrounds, and warning signs for dangerous levels! Industrial
N/A Clay 750 15 Earthenware backgrounds in a variety of forms. Clay
Castle BG 01.png Medieval BG 01.png Timbered BG 01.pngTimbered BG 02.pngTimbered BG 03.pngTimbered BG 04.pngTimbered BG 05.pngTimbered BG 06.pngTimbered BG 07.pngTimbered BG 08.pngTimbered BG 09.png Medieval 1500 30 Create your own historic kingdom with this huge decorative package! Includes a climbable chain. Medieval
Rocket BG 01.pngRocket BG 02.pngRocket BG 03.pngRocket BG 04.png Mars BG 01.pngMars BG 02.pngMars BG 03.png Outer Space 1000 20 Starry backgrounds, and items for building stellar rockets and bases. Finished with moon and mars rock! Outer Space
N/A Desert 750 15 Dry rock and sand blocks, with desert foliage decorations! Desert
N/A Neon 300 6 Six vibrant backgrounds to color your world! Neon
Monster BG 01.pngMonster BG 02.png Monster 500 10 Haunting eyes and teeth! Some creepy monster textures to loom in the background too! Monster
Jungle Ruins BG 01.pngJungle Ruins BG 02.pngJungle Ruins BG 03.pngJungle Ruins BG 04.png Jungle 1250 25 A great starting point for an adventure! Jungle
Jungle BG 01.pngJungle BG 02.pngJungle BG 03.png Jungle 1000 20 A large package with a variety of old mossy stone, climbable vines, and jungle vegetation. Jungle
Christmas 2012 BG 01.pngChristmas 2012 BG 02.pngChristmas 2012 BG 03.png Christmas 2012 N/A 25 Gift wrapping paper backgrounds, and ribbon decorations to tie off this 2012 exclusive. Christmas 2012
Lava BG 01.pngLava BG 02.pngLava BG 03.png Lava 750 15 Lava textured blocks and backgrounds, and a deadly lava fluid that burns you! Lava
Swamp BG 01.png Swamp 750 15 Bayou decorations and bog fluid that you can sink in. Swamp
Sparta BG 01.pngSparta BG 02.pngSparta BG 03.png Marble 1000 20 Strong bricks and columns of ancient marble. Marble
AUTUMN BG 01.pngAUTUMN BG 02.pngAUTUMN BG 03.png Autumn 2014 N/A 25 Autumn package with decorations and crisp leaf backgrounds from 2014! Autumn 2014
CaveBG.png Cave Backgrounds 750 15 Super dark cave backgrounds in 8 awesome colors! Cave
EnvironmentBG.png Environment Pack 500 10 Start building the great outdoors with these 5 natural blocks and backgrounds! Environment
DomesticBG.png Domestic Pack 1500 30 An assortment of homely textures, perfect for interior design! Includes tile, carpet, wallpaper, half blocks and more! Domestic
Halloween2015BG.png Halloween 2015 N/A 25 Build a haunted house with these dilapidated items! Includes morphing windows and lantern to light up this Halloween 2015 Exclusive! Halloween 2015
ArcticBG.png Arctic 500 10 Build chilly terrains with these 5 decorative snow cap and frozen blocks! Includes 2 backgrounds. Arctic
N/A Fairytale 1250 25 Create your own mythical themed world with these fantasy themed blocks, decorations, and misty backgrounds. Includes gemstone half blocks and a climbable ladder! Fairytale
N/A Summer 2016 N/A 25 Summertime blocks and decorations to build the perfect seaside resort! Available until September 2016. Summer 2016
N/A Halloween 2016 850 15 N/A Halloween2016