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The Code (also referred to as super secret edit key, edit key, and password) of a level is the password needed to edit a locked or saved world.

Codes, because of the edit access carried alongside, are often used as prizes for completing a level. When a player enters the code successfully, his or her blocks and items (excluding owner-only blocks) will appear in place of the box used to enter the code.

The code is often written with Secret Bricks, Backgrounds, or signs due to their invisible minimap colors.

Hackers can use a program called EE Attacker to gain edit access; this program uses a simple brute force attack, trying approximately 50 common words. Another program tries all 4-digit codes from 0000-9999.

Code Tips

  • One should not use easily guessable phrases such as "1337","9001", "password","hello","hi","admin", "code", "key", "lol", "1111", "12345", "1231", or "1234".
  • The room owner should not give out edit access to anyone not trusted, as the unknown user may troll.
  • Only experienced users, well-versed in the Chat commands should even consider revealing the room edit key in the title. The world may be trolled so quickly and harshly that in minutes they won't recognize it.