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Here's what we need done:

  • LOTS of problems still remain. If you specialize in fixing one of these problems, please save these pages!
    • Orphaned Pages - These pages don't have other pages linking to them, so chances are they'll be hard to find. We need other pages to link to them!
    • Dead-end Pages - These pages don't link anywhere, so they're dead-ends. We need people to link other pages appropriately!
    • Stubby Pages - These pages are small, and don't have a lot of information. If you're a good writer and know what you're doing, these are the pages for you.
    • Outdated Pages - Savvy on the latest Everybody Edits news? These outdated pages could use some help.
    • Wanted Pages - These pages don't exist yet, but some pages link to them. If you could help start these pages out, that would be awesome!
  • There are still a lot of articles to be added. Some missing articles can be found on the FANDOM side of things and copied over, as long as any original content is given proper credit. Be careful when copying pages over, though. There's a big lack of quality control over on the FANDOM wiki, and some pages are just mangled versions of older wiki pages.