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New update in Everybody Edits? Want to contribute to the wiki? Here’s what we want you to do when there’s new updates to the game:

General Update

  • Edit the Latest Updates section for Main Game, Blog, or events.

New Cosmetics

Smileys and Tiles are the most frequently added items to EE, so be diligent! For images, check each page and increment the number accordingly. Time images should have six tiles to a row. Files are named like so: Itemtype_itemname

Any spaces should be removed

In use:

To get the payvault class, open the game’s file in an .SWF editor (JPEXS, for example) and find the item you need in ItemManager. The easiest way to find the item you’re looking for is by searching for the item name.

For example, in the string addBrick(createBrick(1143,ItemLayer.FORGROUND,forgroundBricksBMD,"brickgarden" This is the string for the Garden tile package. The payvault class is brickgarden.

New Campaigns

  • Upload the badge. This can be found by inspecting the Everybody Edits webpage and selecting “network.”
  • Write down the world links, creators, and rewards.
  • Difficulties - either write them down as you complete the world, ask someone who's beaten them, or ask a Campaign Curator.

Staff Changes

These happen a lot. Check the forums for new changes or good sources!