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Easter Eggs are secret content or jokes that can be found in the game. You can get secret smilies from them, secret audios or messages

In-game Easter Eggs

Over 9000

In the game source, it was found that there was a hidden sound called "Over9000", when playing it, it would play an audio from Dragon Ball saying "It's over nine thousand!" (The famous Nine Thousand meme)

For a time, players didn't know if it was possible to play it in EE. Until a player discovered that you could play it by dying 9000 times.

Red Ninja

110 smiley redninja.png Main article: Red Ninja.

NVD added the removed red ninja smiley as a smiley, however, you can only get it through an easter egg.

Website Easter Eggs

EE Porn

It was found that in the EverybodyEdits website you could access a joke page saying the following:

Hai, sorry no porn here :(

Removed Easter Eggs

Rick roll

The Everybody Edits rick roll prank consisted in inviting someone to "your world", and linking them to a world with ID BWr1ckr01lEI that had a rick roll loop instead the Everybody Edits client.