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Everybody Edits is an online platform game created by Chris Benjaminsen.

Everybody Edits on Android[1]

Thanel is the only one who develops the Android application of Everybody Edits. He will not have a lot of free time to work on it for around 2015 April 15 (as Thanel said around one and a half month in 2015 March 31) which means that until then the development will go very slowly (although he is currently doing some solid changes in the core to speed up later development).

What is Everybody Edits?

Everybody Edits is a real-time, multi-player, two-dimensional, platform game where players interact and create worlds for others to enjoy. There is no real goal in the game, it acts more as a sandbox where users create experiences for each other.


Platform Sandbox

Everybody Edits began as a simple test grounds for Chris, called Platform Sandbox. Also referred to as EE 0.1 now, it had minimal features, only having the minimap, 6 original smileys (File:Smiley.png Grin Smiley.png Tongue Smiley.png Happy Smiley.png Annoyed Smiley.png Sad Smiley.png), and the following blocks: Gravity, Basic, Brick (excluding the tan & dark red), '_' faced block, Metal, and the leaked, old black brick. It gained popularity and continued to grow.

Everybody Edits 0.5+

Chris made EE 0.5, the first real version of EE. This consisted of a lobby, with only open worlds in it. There were no blocks or smileys added, though. When it was added, people would gather in one room (most of the time, the top corner one), and major trolling would occur. At the peak of its time, at least 1 person would be in every room. This changed when EE 0.6 came out.

Everybody Edits 0.6+

EE 0.6 included naming rooms, and locking them with a code. Moving with WASD was added, direct linking with www.everybodyedits.com was added, and new blocks were added. When naming & locking levels came out, crews began to form. The caution block was the first addition to the blocks. When the next set of blocks were added, Chris also added an up and down arrow to scroll through the blocks. Many complaints about not being able to use the old black block anymore made Chris add a new black block with a little shine on it . Many of these block updates merge into EE 0.7.

Everybody Edits 0.7+

As EE 0.7 rolled in, many blocks and smileys were added. Keys, Locks, and Gates were the first functional additions to the game. This spawned the first series of "Trap Rooms", later renamed to bosses or key bosses. A few other additions to the blocks were Crowns, Grass, the tan and dark red Bricks, and Coins. Gold coins were added first, then blue for a short time. Chris took the blue coins off instantly and asked to reach a donation of $500 USD before he re-added them. Major trolling, as of flying (There was no God Mode then) and and jumping really high were done by trolls/hackers. This was fixed by an anti-hack. Also, the first non-free thing that was added to EE, the Smiley Package, consisted of the 6 Beta smileys, and it cost $5 USD for them. People were getting mad that they had to pay so much, so Chris let players choose the price for a short time (Whoever had the Smiley Package got Beta for free later on).

Everybody Edits 0.8+

During this time, Chris was mostly doing bug fixes, but also made the new interface (dragging blocks into the menu), user accounts (first used only Facebook, then made EE only accounts), and most importantly, made Beta. After the new block interface was added for Free & Beta, Chris focused on Beta more. Beta first cost $10 USD (Beta use + Smiley Package), and people were mad that whoever payed a penny to get the Smiley Package, got to play Beta for free. Chris later lowered the price down a nickel ($9.95 USD). the very first additions to beta were fullscreen and mute (The only use mute has is to turn off the coin sounds). Saved worlds was one of the last additions of EE 0.8. Chris mainly uses Beta at first to test new features before Free users. It was almost a month before the Free EE got updated again (To EE 9.0).

Everybody Edits 0.9+

EE 0.9 is the most recent time for EE (, and many new features, including chat, the shop, and profiles. Many additions to the shop were different sized worlds, smileys, and blocks/items.

Everybody Edits 1.0+

This version does not exist yet, but this will be when Everybody Edits will officially be Version 1. Chris and the other developers are currently in a "development sprint" for version 1.0 of EE.

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