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The wiki will slowly be undergoing another complete overhaul. The plan is to make pages better, have more relevant content, be updated with more information, and more closely follow the Manual of Style. This will, however, result in some of most pages on the current wiki not being updated by staff. If you're great enough, you can help us out by keeping old articles updated! You can check the progress of the overhaul here!
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Important Content
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Featured Level (discontinued for now)
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Sand Castles

July 2018's featured level was made by Sensei1!

It's officially summer! Start the Summer campaign in this medium difficulty level.
View both sets of featured levels

Latest Updates

Main Game - March 18th, 2019


Blog - March 28th, 2019

Everybody Edits Data Security Breach

Events - April 6th, 2019

Limited Events
  • None

Wiki - June 28, 2018

  • (6/28/18) - Moderators have been updated again. Welcome N1KF!
  • (3/16/18) - Some big improvements have been made to the main page.
  • (2/9/18) - The wiki has been given a ton of updates and has now been fully revived!
  • consistent!
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Featured Article (discontinued for now)
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Gold Membership

July 2018's featured article was written by fellow wiki editors!

Gold Membership is a purchasable premium service which temporarily gives the player several gold-related features, serving as a replacement for Builders Club. Some of these features include four Smileys, eleven tiles, a new Aura color, a new Aura shape.
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