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The Friends System is a feature in Everybody Edits that allows users to keep in touch by acknowledging a mutual relationship. These friendships are initiated by one user sending a request to another using their in-game username.


To add a friend from the Main Lobby, click the green '+Add' button while the Friends tab is selected and enter the username[1] of the target individual. Afterwards, you can delete the request in the 'Pending' section. Friends can be found in the 'Friends' section. Blocked users are in the 'Blocked' section. As a normal user you can only have 60 friends. On the right of a friend's name you can either delete them or block them.


The friend section's main feature is to allow you to know when your friends are online, and what level they are in. You can instantly hit the 'play' button right beside their name to head to the same level. In a world, friends will have a green username.


As of late, normal users can have up to 70 friends. Beta and Gold Membership members can have up to 130, and friends will not be removed if the Gold Membership expires.


As with many features, beta members originally tested the Friend System to check for bugs.

The system originally used e-mail addresses to facilitate user friendship authentication, but this was changed to allow usernames instead in version 2.0.
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