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God Mode allows the player to freely fly around a world without activating Actions. It is only available for players with edit access, and enabled by pressing G. An auras appears around users' smileys to indicate their use of God Mode, and more can be selected in the shop.


When God Mode is activated, a player will not be affected by any blocks, except Coins and Music Blocks. However, it's impossible to fly out out of the world's boundaries. The player can see invisible items, and block information such as ID or Target in portals.

Players in God Mode can select various auras to appear around their smileys when purchased in the Energy Shop. Gold Membership comes with an exclusive aura shape and color.

Besides Speed and Team, no functionality of effects is applied to a player using God Mode. A player in God Mode cannot be killed, meaning that the Zombie and Curse Effects will peacefully expire when the timer runs out instead of killing the player.


Administrator Mode

ModMode.png Administrator Mode is only available for Administrators. Instead of being white, it's a rainbow aura. Administrators can access this mode whenever they want.

Moderator Mode

GuardianAura.png Moderator Mode is only available for Moderators. Instead of being white, it's a purple aura. Moderators can access this mode whenever they want.