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Gold Membership or GM, introduced on February 10th, 2016, is a purchasable feature that gives users golden items. It replaced Builders Club.

Gold Membership


Gold membership comes with a golden border that can be added to all smileys, four golden smileys, a golden aura, a golden sign, a golden crew faceplate, five blocks, and GM gates/doors.


Unlike beta, GM is not permanent when purchased, but it can be repurchased. These are currently available durations:

Duration Cost in dollars Cost in gems $ saved in comparasion to 1 month (For gems: x10)
1 month 5 50 gems 0
3 months 12 120 gems $3 saved
6 months 22 220 gems $8 saved
12 months 42 420 gems $18 saved


It is possible to have more than 1 year GM, but currently it is only given to EE staff.


To get best of GM and support Everybody Edits it is preferred to buy 6 or 12 months of GM, but here is trick to get them cheaper:

-6 months GM costs $22 in shop (220 gems), however you can buy 220 gems for $2 less.

-12 months GM costs $42 in shop (420 gems), however you can buy 2x 220 gems. This way you saved $2, got Gold Membership, and 20 bonus gems in your account.