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Magic is a randomly-occurring event that was added to the game on January 12, 2011. When a player collects a gold coin or a blue coin, there is a small chance of it being a magic coin. If a magic coin is collected, a message will appear in the Chat and the player will get a pop-up message congratulating the player with his magic.

Magic Coins

Basic Information

  • A magic coin looks like a normal coin.
  • Magic Coins appear randomly.
  • A message displays informing you that you have found a Magic Coin.
  • Magic coins are unlimited to get (no maximum amount).
  • There are two types and 5 variations.
  • Blue coins are for magic blocks and gold coins are for magic smilies or to obtain energy.
  • Only a few per level at most.

NOTE: Due to a glitch, magic coins used to have a 1 in a trillion chance to be found(1,000,000,000,000). However, updates made chances much higher.


Collecting a magic coin can have one of several effects, most of which are based around Energy and Smilies:

  1. The player can receive +1 maximum energy with no refill.
  2. The player can receive +2 maximum energy and a complete refill.(This is called a minor magical coin)
  3. The player can receive +10 maximum energy and a complete refill. (This is called an extra magical coin)
  4. The player can receive +15 maximum energy and a complete refill. (This is called a rare magical coin)
  5. The player can receive the Grinch smiley.
  6. The player can receive the Wizard smiley.
  7. The player can receive the Fire Wizard smiley after receiving the Wizard.
  8. The player can receive the Dark Wizard smiley after receiving the Wizard and Fire Wizard.
  9. The player can receive the Purple Ghost smiley after receiving the Wizard, Fire Wizard and Dark Wizard.
  10. The player can receive a magic block.

Note: The rate of which what magic coins appear when is based on the time before +2 coins were added. However, it should be mentioned that if one gets more than 1 magic coin within a day itself, the second or so magic coin will only give a complete refill without a +10 maximum energy. The theoretical probability of obtaining a magic coin is currently unknown to the public (may depend on online activity). There have been people saying that a +5 magic coin exists.

Obtaining Magic

Magic can be obtained by normal play, however there are factors that can reduce the likeliness of finding magic.

  • Magic odds are best when playing regular worlds normally.
  • Coin Farm Levels and Coin Regen Levels are broken and do not provide any magic.
  • Worlds with too many coins have reduced chances of magic.



  • First algorythm of magic implemented.
  • Wizard, Fire Wizard and Grinch are the only magic smilies.
  • Only gold coins gives magic.


  • Magic classes are added, a leveling up system that gives you energy until level 12, where you can get 400 energy. You level up by getting magic coins.
  • Added Dark Wizard as a magic smiley.


  • Magic classes are removed from the game. Players were rewarded with energy due the loss.
  • Blue coins can give a magic block.
  • Added Purple Ghost as a magic smiley.
  • Added a new magic algorythm added where magic coins are extremely rare.