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MrShoe giving a Woot
Magic coin which replaced the Magic Woots

Woots were stars with red bows located at the center. Initially, there were two types of Woots with different functions: 1) World woots 2) Magic Class woots[1].

World Woots

If a player wanted to, they could give any world a Woot. Players had maximum of 10 Woots and would receive 10 more Woots every day. In the lobby, worlds could be sorted by the amount of Woots they had so people often put fun and entertaining things in their worlds to encourage people giving Woots.

Magic Class Woots

Still not confused? When Magic Classes were firstly implemented, a Woot would appear above players. However, to prevent confusion, it was renamed and reanimated into Magic Coin.

Confusion & Conclusion

Two different kinds of Woots with similar, but not the same function, caused some confusion for newbies and thus magic coins replaced magic Woots. However, world Wooting concept was still present. As of August, 2015, the Woot system was removed in favor of a Likes & Favorites system.[2]


  • Forumers use the Wooting concept figuratively in order to show that they like/agree with certain post/reply.[3]
  • The woot star has become a signature emoji on both the EE Community and Official EEU Discord servers, with the former using it for populating its #starboard channel.


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