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A world (level) is a room to play in Everybody Edits. There are 3 types of worlds: Open worlds, Locked worlds and Beta only worlds.

Worlds can have up to 75 (previously 45) occupants until they are full.

Open worlds

  • Every user has the right to edit
  • No God Mode
  • Only Basic and Metal Blocks are available
  • Only Gravity Arrows, Invisible Arrows and Crown are available in the Action tab
  • Blocks are only added with one-click (instead of click-and-drag)

Locked worlds

  • Code or edit rights are needed to edit
  • World settings and commands are available

Beta only worlds

Same as Locked worlds, however, are only visible for Beta members

Worlds by size

Name of World Size (HxV) Energy Amount Gem Amount
Home 40x30 N/A N/A
Small 25x25 125 2
Medium 50x50 500 10
Large 100x100 1000 20
Wide 400x50 2000 40
Space 110x110 2500 50
Ultra Wide 636x50 3180 64
Massive 200x200 4000 80
Tall 100x400 4000 80


400x200 8000 160
Huge 300x300 8000 160


Space worlds were added on 20 September 2012.  It was the last update of the first "Space" theme.

Home worlds were added on 24 April 2013. It was the second update of the "Farm" theme.

Huge worlds were added on October 8, 2014.