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Xenonetix is the current owner of Everybody Edits, and leads the Campaign Team.

First Instance as Staff

Xenonetix first joined the staff team in March 2017 as a Moderation Team member. He later resigned.

Second Instance as Staff

Xenonetix later rejoined the staff team in December 2017 as a Campaign Team member.

Third Instance as Staff

Xenonetix was promoted in January 2018 to being the owner of the game and a Campaign Team member.


  • Xenonetix's previous name was Megalamb, which is the name he is most known for.
  • Everybody Edits staff has seen intensely high turnover rates ever since Xenonetix took over as owner.
  • Xenonetix has been the team leader for the sequel to EE, Everybody Edits Universe. While the beta testing has been rocky, it seems as though the game will move from closed beta to open beta in early 2019 as planned.