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Bots are user-created programs that connect to Everybody Edits in order to automate tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for a normal player alone. Many bots allow other users to have access to owner-only Chat commands in a world they do not own. This is done by chatting the command out loud in the chat with a character such as '.' or '!' to indicate to the bot that the message is a command. There are many generic bots that provide similar functionality. Some features commonly provided by bots include a snake mode, a digbot mode, a whitelist, and a blacklist.

Types of Bots

Bots come in various levels of creativity and application. That is, some basic bots only map user commands, while others create hypothetical worlds with objectives to consider. Further, bots such as Digbot or Bot-Assisted Levels are limited to basic gameplay, while extensive editors such as Minimap tool or EEditor have many more uses.

Bot Assisted Levels

There are many bot assisted levels (often abbreviated as 'BAL's) that introduce original concepts to EE. Many of them include allowing users to interact with blocks without having edit rights, and can even produce the effect of falling blocks. BALs are often kept private to the owner for development and exclusivity. Other characteristics of BAL creations are currency, inventory, powerups, and score.

Command Bots

Command bots are bots utilizing custom commands, such as "!help" or "!kick" using their own prefix.

Level Editors

Another example of programs that interface with Everybody Edits is Level Editors. These programs provide a window into worlds to view them unobstructed. Still others take user input and pass the modifications back into the world.