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Julian Ridley Pryn, better known by his in-game nicknames, MrShoe and MisterShoe, was an Administrator and developer of Everybody Edits. Working at independent game publisher Space Time Foam (now called Cape Copenhagen), MrShoe came to EE in March 2012, to update the game weekly. As of around Febuary 6, 2015 Toop, JaWapa, and Nvd took over as administrators.

Role in EE

Julian was the main developer at one point and was behind many of the updates.


MisterShoe was an account MrShoe used to test new updates and hide them from public. A few updates were leaked due this account, for example the Purple Ghost and the Red Ninja.


  • The Builders Club.
  • Woots (These were removed at EE 2.0)
  • Magic Class (now removed)
  • Many smileys and blocks
  • New shop design