Minigame Level

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Minigame Levels are the most common level type and are made up of many small challenges or "minigames".


Minigame Levels are usually full of small boxes or similar that harbor any of the puzzles listed here. Art, houses, bosses, mazes and trivia are usually not Minigame Levels, though. Minigames typically include coins for the player to get for bonus collectables. At the end of a minigame are anti-gravity arrows that force you to the next one.


Players typically complete one minigame after another, earning coins along the way. They work their way slowly towards the end of the level, where they are awarded with a prize, usually a win trophy, crown, or additional coins. Getting coins in minigames sometimes requires forcing yourself back to the beginning or reaching a place that's normally hard to get to, but this kind of artificial inflation of difficulty is a sign of poor level design and can lead to ragequitting.