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House Levels are levels based around role-playing home life. Most commonly found inside Open Worlds, the players can build houses or forts that they can decorate. In Locked Worlds, although rare, the player must pick a pre-built house. Because of the chat function, players can act out roleplay and simulate living environments. Owners often do not give out the code for Houses in locked worlds because of trolling and 'bulldozing' of houses and forts.


House Levels typically consist of many houses formed as rectangular outlines, sometimes with a triangular roof on top. These houses typically contain simple furniture such as chairs and tables, and less commonly beds. In open worlds, these houses are user-made and far apart or in the sky to prevent easy access by trolls. In locked worlds, houses are often pre-built and stacked into apartments or hotels.


In open worlds, House Levels are mostly defined by the creation of houses and the defense of those houses from trolls. In locked worlds, the gameplay is more focused around the role playing aspect, which is sometimes assisted by level owners or those with edit access.