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Giving proper attribution to Wikia

When I came across the page, it implied that it was okay to just go and copy things over from the FANDOM wiki. However, the Everybody Edits Wiki at FANDOM is protected under a CC-BY-SA license which states that proper credit must be given if content is copied over. The wiki here currently has content copied over from FANDOM; compare this to this. Jet's reason for reverting my edit states "people at the wikia literally steal original writing from the wiki so i dont get your point." My point is that this wiki copies over content from FANDOM, which is illegal. Jet's right that the FANDOM wiki has some content copied from here, as can be seen by comparing this to this, but that is no excuse to keep content on a page encouraging users to illegally copy over content. Jet, I think you should be more careful about things like this in the future. --N1KF (talk) 12:29, 15 June 2018 (EDT)