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This is a list of ranks, user status indicators used in Everybody Edits.


Rank in-game Name color Rank on profile Minimap color when flying Obtained by
Elite Supporter QWERTYUIO Elite EE Patreon Supporter! #FFFF99 Patreon
Magic Supporter QWERTYUIO Magic EE Patreon Supporter! #FFFF99 Patreon
Platinum Supporter QWERTYUIO Platinum EE Patreon Supporter! #FFFF99 Patreon
Legendary Supporter QWERTYUIO Legendary EE Patreon Supporter! #FFFF99 Patreon
Divine Supporter Varies Divine EE Patreon Supporter! #FFFF99 Patreon
Owner of EE Varies Everybody Edits Owner! #FFB401 Becoming an Everybody Edits owner
Development Team WIKIUSER Everybody Edits Development Team! #FFB401 Becoming an Everybody Edits Development Team member
Moderation Team WIKIUSER Everybody Edits Moderation Team! #CE9FF4 Becoming an Everybody Edits Moderation Team member
Design Team WIKIUSER Everybody Edits Design Team! #FF7733 Becoming an Everybody Edits Design Team member
Campaign Team WIKIUSER Everybody Edits Campaign Team! #77DDFF Becoming an Everybody Edits Campaign Team member

Table notes

The following notes are regarding sections of the table seen above.

Rank in-game

The column "Rank in-game" lists ranks seen when clicking on a user's name in-game, as seen here: Ranks ingame.png

Name color

The column "Name color" lists the user's name color, according to their rank. Seen here: Ranks namecolor.png

Rank on profile

The column "Rank on profile" lists ranks seen when viewing a user's profile, as seen here: Ranks profile.png

Minimap color when flying

The column "Minimap color when flying" lists the user's trail color on the minimap when flying in god mode, as seen here: Ranks minimap.png

Obtained by

The column "Obtained by" lists how the ranks are obtained.

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