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NPCs (non-player characters) are a type of tile in Everybody Edits. NPCs are tiles that you can interact with. They can be named and players can interact with them by using the C key when close enough. There are many ways of obtaining NPCs, the most popular being from buying them in the Shop.

Name Payvault Class Obtained From Description Energy Cost Gem Cost
NPC smiley.png Smiley (+1) npcsmile Shop This fun little guy wants to have a chat! 500 10
NPC saddy.png Saddy (+1) npcsad Shop What's wrong? Ask them to find out! 500 10
NPC oldman.png Elder (+1) npcold [a Campaign Level], Shop It's dangerous to go alone... 500 10
NPC anger.png Anger (+1) npcangry Shop Seems a little peeved. 500 10
NPC slimey.png Slimey (+1) npcslime Shop What's he been up to? 500 10
NPC robot.png Robot (+1) npcrobot Shop Beta-Exclusive! Does that compute? 750 15



The column "Payvault Class" is the class used by PlayerIO to determine what items the player has.

  • Classes starting with "npc" are directly bought from the NPC tab in the Energy Shop.

Methods of Obtaining

The column "Obtained From" lists where the item is obtained from.

  • Items obtained from "Shop" are items you can either buy with Energy and/or Gems in the Energy Shop.


  • Naming an NPC to the name of an EE Staff member will have its name color be changed to that staff member’s.