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Gold Membership is a purchasable premium service announced on November, 2015 and added on February 10, 2016 as a replacement for Builders Club. It gives the player several gold-related features, four Smileys, eleven tiles, a new Aura color, a new Aura shape, as well as several other features. The purchase costs of Gold Membership are identical to those previously used for Builders Club, and all Builders Club members were converted to Gold Membership as of the update.


Gold Membership membership was announced by Nou on November 10, 2015 in a topic discussing the future of Everybody Edits[1]. It was revealed that the staff desire more freedom in level creation, and were replacing Builders Club with Gold Membership. It was revealed that new smileys, an exclusive gold smiley border, a new aura, new blocks, a gold Crew faceplate, an exclusive lobby skin, as well as potential future features would be given to Gold Membership users.

Gold Membership was added on February 10, 2016 for v206.