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Campaigns are series of worlds with a certain theme and similar difficulty.

Each Campaign has tiers that normally go in ascending difficulty. Completing tiers rewards you with Energy, certain Smileys, Tiles, and even Gems. Each tier is locked until the previous one is completed. Completing all tiers in a Campaign will also add a special badge to your profile.


Nou first announced campaigns on July 29, 2015 in YouTube video showing off the 2.0 update.[1] Tutorials, Ancient Ruins, Adventure League, Puzzle Pack 1, Endurance, and Fractured Fingers were all added for users with Beta as the first campaigns on August 20. Halloween was added in October of that year, introducing seasonal campaigns to the game.

On March 20, 2016, TOOP announced the Spring 2016 Contest.[2] The five winning worlds were announced and added to a campaign named Spring for Beta users April 16, then released to the public the following day.[3]

On December 16th, 2017, the "/resetprogress" and "/resetp" commands were added to Everybody Edits for resetting saved progress in campaigns should that be necessary.

On December 1, 2017, the Advent Calendar Campaign was added. It started with one world, and a new world was added every day until December 25.

On September 20, 2020, all seasonal Campaigns became permanently available except Nostalgia 2.

List of Campaigns

Here's a full list of all officially released Campaigns. Please note following things when observing the table:

  • Permanent availability means the Campaign stays in the game forever.
  • Recurring availability means the Campaign appears and disappears every year.
  • Some authors might have changed their name.
  • Reward "+n maxEnergy.png" implies +n max Energy, and "Energy.pngRefill" implies an Energy refill.
Title Badge Description Availability and Dates Difficulty Tiers Authors Rewards
Tutorials Badge tutorials.png New to the game? Play this to learn all about how it works. Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyBasic.png Tutorial #1 Everybody Edits Staff +10Energy.png
Tutorial #2 +25Energy.png
Tutorial #3 +50Energy.png
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Tutorial #4 +75Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, +1 NPC smiley.png, +1 Gem.png
Ancient Ruins Badge ancientruins.png Discover the artifacts in these desolated temples. It's too quiet here... Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyBasic.png Ruins Killerratz +50Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Desolate Caverns CommanderKitten +75Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
BuuWuu's Stronghold Ravatroll, Lictor666, Nou +125Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, +50x50 world
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Mount Uonegatscil Nou, Lictor666, Stagecrew Energy.pngRefill, +10 maxEnergy.png, +1Gem.png
Adventure League Badge adventureleague.png Explore vast lands, check every crevice for treasure! Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyEasy.png-DifficultyMedium.png Level 1: Overworld Aoitenshi +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
Katwalk Kattalk Muffin +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png, 082 safari.png
Cave Exploration Iraka +250Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 100x100 world
DifficultyMedium.png Perilous Endeavor Star +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, Boostleft.png, +1Gem.png
Puzzle Pack 1 Badge puzzlepack1.png The fact that humans use only 10% of their brain is a myth. Especially for these levels! Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyMedium.png The Memory Game Spiderman +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 200x200 world
Switch Labyrinth Soulrunner +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Water Levels GKAbyssFlorida +300Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 115 smiley graduate.png
Switcher Puzzle Whatter +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, B113 On.png, +2Gem.png
Endurance Badge endurance.png Clear out your schedule, stock up on food and water, these worlds will take a while to beat! Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png The Torava Disaster Ravatroll & Lictor666 +300 Energy.png +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyHard.png Endeavor Stagecrew and Theditor +350Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
EX Crew Odyssey EX Crew +400Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 400x200 world
Pancake Quest Tokebot +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +3Gem.png, B385.png
Fractured Fingers Badge fracturedfingers.png Disclaimer: We are not legally responsible for any medical issues -physically or mentally- that may arise while playing these levels. Permanent
Aug. 20, 2015
DifficultyHard.png - DifficultyExtreme.png NC Naos Antediluvian Addi +500Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyExtreme.png I Crew Persian Peril Polis +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
Technological Terror Miasmic & DCLevels +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
Spidey's Abode Spiderman +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 300x300 world
EXPro Forgotten Veil EX Crew +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +15Gem.png, B361 Up.png, B368.gif
Tunnel Rats Badge tunnelrats.png Mud? Water? Sand? Ice? Who cares! As long as you're crawling through tunnels! Permanent
Oct. 2, 2015
DifficultyMedium.png The Tunnels Stubby +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Operation Planet X RussianSpy +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Crypts of Anubis Kingoftheozone +350Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 200x200 world
Slipslide Ride Lickagoat +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +2Gem.png
Halloween 1 Badge halloween.png Whatever you do do NOT look behind you! This spooky campaign is available until mid-November. Recurring
DifficultyMedium.png The Horror Thuggishprune +100Energy.png
Trick or Treat Star & AwzzomeDude +200Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Hakas House Of Fun Coldstormers +300Energy.png
Skull Citadel Mighty Morphin Block Arrangers +400Energy.png
Colorful Badge colorful.png Enjoy your trip through some beautifully colorful landscapes. Colors were never this intense! Permanent
Nov. 7, 2015
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Ring of Chaos Kankurou +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
KO Creepy Cavern KO Crew +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Weird World Well +350Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 110 smiley redninja.png
DifficultyHard.png Revenge of Syssba Kiraninja +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +3Gem.png, File:034 cave.png
Wintery Wonders Badge winterywonders.png Slide through these cool worlds, have a nICE time playing them! Recurring
DifficultyMedium.png Frostbitten 0176 +100Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Presto Penguins Benje00 & Theditor +150Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 126 penguin.png
Snow Jumping Stagecrew +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Snowblind Kankarou +5 maxEnergy.png, +250Energy.png
Snow Is Falling Oray +10 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +2Gem.png, 171 frozen.png
This is not snow Sensei1 & Friends +10 max Energy.png, Refill, +2 Gem.png, +1NPC snowman.png
Looks Can Deceive Badge lookscandeceive.png Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world. -Guru Sai Baba Permanent
Feb. 17, 2016
DifficultyHard.png EX Crew Trolled Minigames EX Crew +350Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
YMCK Puzzle Parade 133, Drock2308, Wahaha +400Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
Two RayOfLight +450Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyHard.png - DifficultyExtreme.png Rotcil Illusions Lictor666 +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +3Gem.png, B385.png
Spring Badge spring.png "Spring is nature's way of saying: Let's Party!"

~ Robin Williams, RIP ~

DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Midnight Meadows Anch159, CommanderKitten, Unau +50Energy.png +5 maxEnergy.png
Phina and the Rose Cakeje, Chiscorey, Ketoleperouch, Phinarose, Prodigy5996 +75Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Springopolis Awzome +125Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Spring Rose Sensei1 +150Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 134 raindrop.png
NSFW: Spring Relics DClevels, Kingoftheozone, Badoosh, Stagecrew +200Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png Chocolate Duracell Bunny Inc. Bee, Ephrayam, Xenonetix, Mustang, Nou +10 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +1Gem.png
Story Time Badge storytime.png In a land far far away.......there were story-driven worlds... Permanent
Apr. 23, 2016
DifficultyEasy.png Pretty How Town Bee +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png The Square Toop, Badoosh +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
Accident Prone Badoosh +250Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, File:032 farm.png
DifficultyMedium.png Mystery Mansion ZeldaXD, Oranj +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +1Gem.png
Summer Badge summer.png The top 5 winners of the 2016 Summer Competition + 2 more levels! Recurring
DifficultyMedium.png Summer Sandcastles Sensei1 +250Energy.png +5 maxEnergy.png
The Burj SmittyW, Zoey2070, Bobithan, iPwner, Thwinkt +300Energy.png +5 maxEnergy.png
Ethereal Ground Killeratz, Shadowboy, SRNA, Raon, Jr2 +350Energy.png +10 maxEnergy.png
Beaches in Space! 0176 +10 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill
Daybreak CommanderKitten, Anch, Unau, Pingohits, Lickagoat +2Gem.png, 142 seagull.png
Summer Bee Pipec & Filip2005 +10 maxEnergy.png, +1Gem.png, +1 NPC starfish.png
Sandcastle Safari Sputnik Energy.pngRefill, +1 NPC starfish.png
Perpetual Frustration Badge perpetualfrustration.png You will slowly sink into insanity. Turn back while you can. Permanent
Oct. 11, 2016
DifficultyHard.png - DifficultyExtreme.png EE Mountain World EEcrew +500Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
I Wanna Be The Guy Muffin, Thwinkt +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyExtreme.png TTL: Spike Edition Thegame +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 300x300 world
Endless Pain Kiraninja +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyInsane.png Desolate Helix Muffin & Friends +250Energy.png
Helix Reborn Muffin & Friends +15 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +15Gem.png, 148 devil skull.png
Christmas Badge christmas.png Seasonal Christmas campaign: jolly warm sweaters, reindeer, and presents! Recurring
DifficultyBasic.png Santa's Workshop Badoosh +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
Gingerbread House Jet +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png Tree Decorating TOOP +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Christmas Tree Quest Oriax +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 152 scrooge.png
DifficultyMedium.png Christmas Town Stagecrew +10 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, 049 grinch.png
Late Christmas Thanel +10 max Energy.png, Refill, +1NPC santa.png
Journey Badge journey.png Embark on an epic journey to seek out new realms! Permanent
Aug. 17, 2017
DifficultyEasy.png Gifts of Gaia CommanderKitten +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
On, and On, and On Mega Lamb +50Energy.png
Need for Steed SmittyW +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png, 160 smirk.png
Just One More Time Mega Lamb +200Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 150x150 world
5 Realms of Afar The Barnacle Brothers Crew +10 maxEnergy.png, +2Gem.png, 163 thor.png
Relativity Badge relativity.png Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.

~ Sir Terry Pratchett, RIP ~

Sept. 24, 2017
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Planets Sensei1 +100Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png Vargon Tragedy Hans22 and Igipigi +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png, Gravityeffect.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Gravitational Tower Kaleb and Jambam123 +200Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, Emptyportal.png
E.T. Ecosystems SmittyW and 21Twelve +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, Levetationeffect.png
VVVVVV Luka504 +10 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +3Gem.png, 090 unit.png
Halloween 2 Badge halloween2017.png New spooky levels - Same spooky prizes! Recurring
DifficultyMedium.png Snake? Snake! SNAAKE Luka504 +100Energy.png, +1 maxEnergy.png
Chain Link Clamber Lickagoat +100Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Purple Depths Arkona Crew +300Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
EX Crew The Occult EX Crew +400Energy.png, 122 eyeball.png, +4 maxEnergy.png, +2Gem.png
Bittersweet Badge bittersweet.png Disclaimer: This campaign is likely to make you more bitter than sweet. Permanent
Dec. 29th, 2017
DifficultyHard.png - DifficultyExtreme.png City of Avalon NSFW Crew +500Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Polar Eclipse Gnarled Valence Crew +500Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyExtreme.png Nirthopia Minisaurus +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, Coloraurablack.png
Desolate Relics DreamT Crew +15 maxEnergy.png, +750Energy.png, 400x200 world
Tropical Trials Ruins Crew +25 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngRefill, +15Gem.png, 400x200 world
Video Game 1 Badge videogame1.png All Your Games Are Belong To Us Permanent
Feb. 13, 2018
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Aperture Science Labs Benje00, Stagecrew, & Amitatsmon +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
Good Egg Galaxy Ipwner +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
The Glitch Ultimate EE Crew +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 055 purple ghost.png
Treasure Trove Cove N64 Org Crew +300Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 400x200 world
Barrel Cannon Canyon Lickagoat & Kira +350Energy.png, +15 maxEnergy.png, +2Gem.png
Puzzle Pack 2 Badge puzzlepack2.png Finally! Complete Puzzle Pack 1 to unlock this campaign! Permanent
Apr. 29, 2018
Puzzle Pack 1 Completion Required
DifficultyMedium.png Bridge Builder Luka504 +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
First Person Maze GarfieldLoverXP +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Spot The Didfernece iPwner +300Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 400x50 World
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Moving Ice Puzzle Whatter +400Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, B467 On.png
DifficultyHard.png LOEE: Demonic Citadel Master1 +15 MaxEnergy.png, RefillEnergy.png, +3 Gem.png, 083 archaeologist.png
Video Game 2 Badge videogame2.png Complete the first Video Game Campaign to unlock this one! Permanent
Apr. 29, 2018
Video Game 1 Completion Required
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Super Mario Bros. 3 Kiraninja & Ravatroll +400Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
Kerred Megaman Kerred & Friends +450Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyHard.png Toad Town Tunnels Nou, Drock2308, & JayBM +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 400x200 World
ML's First Samurai Mega Lamb +550Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 013 ninja.png
LOZ Skyward Sword GRNubs Crew +15 max Energy.png, Energy.pngrefill, +3 NPC oldman.png, +3 Gem.png
Nostalgia Badge nostalgia.png I love turtles

~ Terry ~

May 21, 2018
DifficultyBasic.png Bygone Tutorial EX Crew +50Energy.png
DifficultyEasy.png Unforgiving Climb Nostalgia Crew +100Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
Longing To The Sky Iraka & Lamhirh +100Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Egg Quest II Pingohits +150 Energy.png, +5 MaxEnergy.png, 026 XD.png, +1 Gem.png
Technology Badge technology.png "Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window."

~ Steve Wozniak ~

July 22, 2018
DifficultyEasy.png the cake is a lie Iraka +64Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png, B374.gif, +1 020 cake.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Terminal Star +128Energy.png, +4 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png Station_02.bat Station Crew +256Energy.png, +8 maxEnergy.png, B374.gif
Lab of Insanity Alfa Crew Energy.pngrefill, +16 MaxEnergy.png, 149 clockwork robot.png
Altered Reality Badge alteredreality.png "I'd like to order one large person with extra people please?"

~ Pizza #1 ~

July 22, 2018
DifficultyEasy.png MIHBs Dream MIHB +150Energy.png, +2 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png INFINITE ImGood9 +200Energy.png, +3 maxEnergy.png
Delusion Valley The Replicators Crew +250Energy.png, +5 maxEnergy.png, 071 alien.png
DifficultyMedium.png A Dreary Day Spiderman +300 Energy.png, +10 MaxEnergy.png
The Witch's House Iraka & Lamhirh +350Energy.png, +15 maxEnergy.png, 092 lady.png, +2 Gem.png
Trial & Terror Badge trialandterror.png Do you really want to put yourself through this? Permanent
August 19, 2018
DifficultyExtreme.png Beat The Spikes 2 Thwink +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
Nightmare Relics Ruins Crew +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
Cold World FDOOU +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, 300x300 world
Endless Space Pingohits +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
The End is Nigh: SMC Yoshilogan +500Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png, +5 Gem.png
DifficultyInsane.png Complete The Monument 2 Master1 and Friends +20 maxEnergy.png, Energy.pngrefill, +10 Gem.png, 178 red dragon.png
Badge Worst.png
 ??? Secret
August 19, 2018
Fractured Fingers, Perpetual Frustration, Bittersweet, and Trial & Terror Completion Required
DifficultyInsane.png Be gone. Kiraninja
Forgotten Helix Muffin
Bad EE Level 8 Master1
Infinity Pain Kiraninja
Halloween 3 Badge halloween3.png This creepy trilogy is finally complete... Recurring
DifficultyMedium.png Soul Quest Ravatroll +100Energy.png +1 max Energy.png
Happy Spookaween adood +200Energy.png +2 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Not Enough Skeletons Stream Team +300Energy.png +3 max Energy.png +1NPC skelly.png
DifficultyHard.png EZ - Spooky Shack EZ Crew +400Energy.png +4 max Energy.png +2 Gem.png +2NPC ghost.png
Advent Calendar Badge adventcalendar.png Welcome to the abridged version of the EE Advent Calendar! Recurring
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png The way of the north Medievil +400x50 world
DifficultyMedium.png Terror In The North Treejoe4 +400x200 world
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Ice-O-Slide Teampeace +15 maxEnergy.png
Christmas Eve Hexxel & Oray Energy.pngRefill
Imps Paradise The Replicators Crew +5Gem.png +1NPC santa.png
Speedrun Badge speedrun.png Try to dash through these levels in Time Trial Mode after completion! Permanent
December 31st, 2018
DifficultyEasy.png MKco Mushroom Cup MK Corporation +100Energy.png, +1 max Energy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png One Minute Descent Onjit +200Energy.png, +2 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png Stone Ruin Speedrun Imgood9 +300Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png, 400x50 World
TEZ RGL32 +300Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png, +1 Gem.png, Timed Doors
Scavenger Hunt Badge scavengerhunt.png Dun Dun Dun... Permanent
December 31st 2018
DifficultyMedium.png Find The Frost CK, Unau, & Xenonetix 183 frost dragon.png
Animal Antics Badge animalantics.png Beep. Beep. Permanent
January 29, 2019
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Hildren's Farm Bee & Friends +100Energy.png, +1 max Energy.png
DifficultyEasy.png Evolution Revolution The Defenstrators +150Energy.png, +2 max Energy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Animaly AzurePudding +200Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png
Mr Nutty's Wild World Muffin +250Energy.png, 184 squirrel.png, +1Gem.png
Hunt Unau & Slabdrill +500Energy.png, +1NPC wally.png, +1 Gem.png
Bouncy Badge bouncy.png A noticeable lack of castles in this campaign. Permanent
January 29, 2019
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Bayou Boogie Lickagoat +150Energy.png, Boostleft.png
DifficultyMedium.png Butane-Doing Forest Kirby & iPwner +200Energy.png, +2 max Energy.png
Hold Jump Challenge Nostalgia Crew +250Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png The Flighty Slighty Muffin & Thwink +300Energy.png, +5 max Energy.png, +1NPC froggy.png
High Score Badge highscore.png The aim of all levels in this campaign is to score the best score possible! You'll have to restart if your score isn't good enough... Permanent
March 18, 2019
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Frolic Muffin & Thwink +300Energy.png, +5 max Energy.png, 014 flower.png
Weird Perfection Well +350Energy.png, +5 max Energy.png
DifficultyHard.png - DifficultyExtreme.png Booty Return End Quote +400Energy.png, +10 max Energy.png, +2B374.gif
Fizio1 Fun Land Master1 & Ninja +15 max Energy.png, Refill, +3 Gem.png, +300x300 World
Non-Stop Badge nonstop.png Don't stop! Permanent
March 18, 2019
DifficultyMedium.png The Ten Commandments CommanderKitten & Unau +200Energy.png, +2 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png -INVASION- iPwner +250Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png, 071 alien.png
Octo's Rollercoaster Pingohits & Alesmile +300Energy.png, +5 max Energy.png
DifficultyHard.png Trail Blazer Kingoftheozone +10 max Energy.png, +2 Gem.png, Speedeffect.png
Nostalgia 2 Badge nostalgia2.png Complete the first Nostalgia Campaign to unlock this one! ~~Hop Skip Leap ~~ Permanent
April 1st, 2019
Nostalgia 1 Completed
(April Fools Campaign - Impossible to complete)
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Icy Level ETHammer +25Energy.png
Everybody Skates Nou +50Energy.png
DifficultyEasy.png New Year New Concept LX Crew +75Energy.png
Reality Crush Google +100Energy.png
Jump Jump Jump Iraka Refill, 031 bunny.png
Monochrome Badge monochrome.png "Not all rainbows come in color." - A.T. Hincks Permanent
May 21st, 2019
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png The Blank Page Ipwner +150Energy.png, +2 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png Gravity's Rainbow Pingohits +200Energy.png, +3 max Energy.png, +100x100 World
Your Decision Kiraninja +250Energy.png, +5 max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Flight Path Xenonetix +10 maxEnergy.png, Refill, 147 spy.png
Best of Everybody Edits Badge bestofeverybodyedits.png The history of Everybody Edits, and the hub for the best levels EE ever had. Permanent
July 16th, 2019
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png EX Crew Fall of Zeal EX Crew +310Energy.png, +10 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Pinball Bloom Mihb and Friends +211Energy.png, +11 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png MegaMan Dash Mihb and Megalamb +262Energy.png, +12 maxEnergy.png, B77.png
The Mansion Stagecrew +263Energy.png, +13 maxEnergy.png, +200x200 World
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Relics of Athena Kingoftheozone +314Energy.png, +14 maxEnergy.png, +5 Gem.png
DifficultyHard.png LOEE Aquatic Sanctuary Master1 and Friends +365Energy.png, +15 maxEnergy.png, 134 raindrop.png, +400x200 World
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Ice Slide Ride Lickagoat +216Energy.png, +16 maxEnergy.png, 026 ice.png
DifficultyMedium.png Sig?s Kirby +267Energy.png, +17 maxEnergy.png, Block WeirdGDeco.png
DifficultyEasy.png Vignettes Unau +168Energy.png, +18 maxEnergy.png, +100x100 World
DifficultyHard.png ~Dreamland EEFalcon Refill, +19 maxEnergy.png, +10 Gem.png, NPC moodonna.png

The Elemental Campaign is a special campaign with a hub world.

Title Badge Description Availability and
Release Date
Difficulty Tiers Authors Rewards
Fire Badge fire.png An elementary collection of 5 campaigns! Permanent
November 26, 2018
DifficultyMedium.png Inferno Sercan2 +250Energy.png, +5 Max Energy.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png The 7 Depths of Hell Kaleb +300Energy.png, +5 MaxEnergy.png 100x400 World
Into Magma Panic Kirby & iPwner +350Energy.png, +5 MaxEnergy.png Lava Pack
DifficultyHard.png Diamond Underground Thanel +400Energy.png, +10 MaxEnergy.png
Escape the Lava Lictor Energy.png Refill +15 MaxEnergy.png +2Gem.png 086 firedemon.png
Earth Badge earth.png DifficultyEasy.png-DifficultyMedium.png Aedan Garden Ravatroll +200Energy.png +2 MaxEnergy.png Garden Pack
Machu Picchu Pipec & Fairy +250Energy.png +3 MaxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png Sentinel Ravines Commanderkitten +300Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png-DifficultyHard.png Don't Stop Jumping Mrmatsboy 350Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
K - Underground Kingoftheozone and Miasmic Energy.png Refill +10 MaxEnergy.png +1Gem.png, 182 golem.png
Wind Badge wind.png DifficultyMedium.png Eurus Unau and CommanderKitten +300Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png-DifficultyHard.png - Floating Temples - - Perfect 7 - +350Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png Multijumpeffect.png
DifficultyHard.png Archery Range Thanel +400Energy.png +10 MaxEnergy.png
The Tower Domination Kirby & Friends +400Energy.png +10 MaxEnergy.png 200x400 World
Golden Nightingale Veelmoth Energy.png Refill +10 MaxEnergy.png +3Gem.png 142 seagull.png
Water Badge water.png DifficultyMedium.png Palmia Ville Spicy Bros +250Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png 200x200 World
DEEPER CK and Unau +300Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
EE Crew * Get Wet EE Crew +300Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
Ice Cream Expedition Asurch +300Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png
DifficultyMedium.png-DifficultyHard.png Fish Gods Mutantdevle Energy.png Refill +10 MaxEnergy.png +1Gem.png 134 raindrop.png
Space Badge space.png Permanent, Secret
November 26th, 2018
Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water Completion Required
DifficultyHard.png Arris Dome iPwner Kirby Addi Kira +350Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png 071 alien.png
UT - Eternal Galaxy Kiraninja +400Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png 072 astronaut.png +1 NPC astronaut.png
NSFW Skypolis NSFW Crew +450Energy.png +5 MaxEnergy.png Sci-Fi Pack
DifficultyHard.png-DifficultyExtreme.png MoonBase Lictor +500Energy.png +10 MaxEnergy.png 200x200 World
DifficultyExtreme.png Starlight Rayoflight & Friends Energy.png Refill +15 MaxEnergy.png +10Gem.png 012 galaxy.png

The Advent Calendar Campaign was a one-off campaign for December 2017:

Title Badge Description Availability and
Release Date
Difficulty Tiers Authors Rewards
Advent Calendar Badge adventcalendar.png Welcome to the Everybody Edits Advent Calendar 2017!
Tune in every day to play a new tier!
Special Event
December 2017
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png Icecapades SmittyW +1 020 cake.png
DifficultyEasy.png Whoville Scarletstratholme Colorauragreen.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png Ski Centre Sensei1 100x400 world
Tower of Hanoi Krosis Coloraurapurple.png
The way of the north Medievil 400x50 world
DifficultyBasic.png E Pluribus Unum Tiralmo Emptyportal.png
DifficultyMedium.png Late Christmas Thanel Shapeaurastar.png
DifficultyEasy.png The Elf Mine Minimania Block stone.png
DifficultyMedium.png Terror In The North Treejoe4 400x200 world
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png The Blank Page Ipwner 133 goofy.png
DifficultyEasy.png Snow hills Sensei1 Multijumpeffect.png
Fond Memories Asurch +5 maxEnergy.png
SKETCHY Miasmic & Jaybm 50x50 world
DifficultyBasic.png - DifficultyEasy.png ??? Xenonetix Speedeffect.png
DifficultyEasy.png - DifficultyMedium.png The FroZone Puzzle Thunderstruck Colorauracyan.png
Ice Climb KO Crew & TS Crew +10 maxEnergy.png
DifficultyBasic.png Let it Go - Frozen Buzzerbee 636x50 world
Christmas Gifts Trentjack15 150 teddy bear.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Santa's Manor Pipec & Kreacher Jumpeffect.png
DifficultyEasy.png Secret Santa 2016 Maxi123 145 fairy.png
DifficultyBasic.png Christmas Music Jeffburtonfan Brickdrum.png
Last-Minute Shopping Sovereign Crew 021 hologram.png
DifficultyMedium.png - DifficultyHard.png Ice-O-Slide Teampeace +15 maxEnergy.png
Christmas Eve Hexxel & Oray Energy.pngRefill
Imps Paradise The Replicators Crew +25Gem.png


  • A player who beat all Campaigns—including discontinued and seasonal ones—would end up with a total of more than 1000 max Energy and 150 Gems.
  • Alesmile (26 March 2019), OrangeCrix (29 August 2020), and JoeyC (26 June 2022) are the only users to have completed "The Worst" campaign.