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The Manual of Style is a guide that applies to all articles, standardizing specific spelling, capitalization, and grammar. Some of these have two or more choices that may vary usage within the wiki. These should not be changed without proper reasoning unless the usage varies within one article itself, in which case it should be changed to fit.

It should be noted that some of the style practices may occasionally contradict the usage from that of Everybody Edits or its staff members. This is because style choices are made consistent within the wiki, where as the game has some inconsistency regarding terminology, spelling, and capitalization. If the game gains an official consistent style regarding any of these consistencies, the wiki will accordingly be modified to fit these standards.

Article Format


Page titles should be singular instead of plural whenever possible. For example, Tile is preferred over Tiles. Some plural redirects just have an S added to the end. Linking to redirects like these is unnecessary in most cases, since the S can simply be added after the link, like this: [[Tile]]s

You can also link to pages while displaying different text, like so: [[Tiles|Tile]]

Bold Text

Important terms introduced for the first time should be in bold. It can also be used to put emphasis on words.



Blocks is used to refer to Blocks, the foreground tiles in the game.

Tiles refer to all tile-based items in-game. This includes Blocks, Action, Decorations, and Backgrounds.

Bricks refer to the Brick package, or any other tile package that contains bricks.


Game Content

When used in an article, general terms referring to a variety of objects (such as Smiley, Blocks, World, or Package) are capitalized unless used at the beginning of a sentence or in an article title. Specific titles, such as Red Ninja or Beta are capitalized, along with the things they represent if used after the name (Worker Smiley or Massive World). Tiles are an exception to this rule, and are never capitalized.

Features, such as Gem and Magic are generally capitalized to match with the preferred spelling within Everybody Edits.

  • Correct: A Massive World can be filled with lots of tiles, like Blocks and Decorations.
  • Incorrect: The smiley here costs one-hundred energy.


Terms generically referring to staff members such as "moderator" or "administrator" are not capitalized. However, when the Staff are referred to as the entire team, it should be capitalized.


Usernames should be written out like everyday names, such as Nou. Usernames should not be fully capitalized unless shown by the user owning the name, like TOOP for example.

Article and Section Titles

Article and section titles should be spelled in title case, meaning that all words but unimportant ones (a, an, the, etc.) in the title are capitalized.

  • Correct: Minigame Levels
  • Incorrect: Minigame levels


Spelling of Smileys

  • Correct: Smiley, Smileys
  • Incorrect: Smilie, Smilies

Spelling of Tiles

  • Correct: Tiles
  • Incorrect: Blocks, Bricks


Templates are small blocks of text describing how a page can be improved. Here is a list of them:

Name Code Purpose
Delete {{Delete|YOUR USERNAME|REASON FOR DELETION}} Requests a wiki staff member to delete a page.
Move {{Move|YOUR USERNAME|MOVE TARGET|REASON FOR MOVING}} Requests a wiki staff member to move a page to the given target.
Outdated {{Outdated}} Marks a page that has outdated information.
Removed {{Removed}} Marks a page that contains information on a removed feature.
Sources {{Sources}} Requests more sources for a page.
Stub {{Stub}} Marks a page with little information.
Under Construction {{Under Construction|YOUR USERNAME}} Marks a page as under construction.
To-do {{To-do|YOUR USERNAME|TO-DO}} Adds a to-do list to the page.