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Magic Classes[1] were a modification of the original Magic system in Everybody Edits that allowed players to rank up. In prior versions, Magic decayed over time meaning that it was possible to drop a class when the players are not active. Magic is found in a shape of a Coin. When a player touched a Coin, there was a chance for it to be a Magic Coin. The Magic Coin then went towards the player's total Magic, points required for them to level up.

Magic Coin as seen in-game.

On February 24, 2015, Magic Classes were removed from the game.


If a player were to find a Magic Coin, it would add 1 point to the player's total Magic bar. When the bar was full, the player would rank up, with the highest rank being 12. In older versions of the system, total Magic would fade over time, which was displayed by a circle graph. Builder's Club members were the only ones who did not suffer from Magic decay. It was later removed for all players. There was also a tab that showed how much Magic the player had collected in a single day. The tab could be found on top of the screen whenever a player was in a level. If the mouse cursor was held over the tab it would scroll down to show how much Magic the player had collected that day.

When a player ranked up, the player's maximum Energy increased and a badge temporarily appeared above the player. This badge was displayed on the user profile and was different for each class.

There was no limit to how many Magic Coins a player can get in a single day, and the chances to get Magic Coins were quite high.

Badge Title Magic Class Start Coins Coins Required to Next Class Max Energy Rewarded
Woot lvl 1.jpg 1 Amateur 0 5
Woot lvl 2.jpg 2 Novice 5 7
Woot lvl 3.jpg 3 Student 12 8
Woot lvl 4.jpg 4 Apprentice 20 10
Woot lvl 5.jpg 5 Regular 30 10
Woot lvl 6.jpg 6 Journeyman 40 15
Woot lvl 7.jpg 7 Adept 55 25
Woot lvl 8.jpg 8 Scholar 80 35
Woot lvl 9.jpg 9 Mentor 115 50
Woot lvl 10.jpg 10 Expert 165 65
Woot lvl 11.jpg 11 Master 230 90 30
Woot lvl 12.jpg 12 Grandmaster 320


  • Magic Classes were previously titled Woots. This name was quickly changed when confusion about the difference between Magic Classes and Woots rose.


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