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Crews are teams of players who work can collaborate on crew worlds in Everybody Edits. The crew system has also been used for contests. They were added on August 20, 2015 as part of Everybody Edits 2.0, codifying the unofficial crew system that had been used by groups such as the EX Crew for years.

The crew feature was added to make working on worlds as a group easier. Players can add worlds to a crew, but this change is irreversible. Once a world is added, crew members may have access to commands that are typically owner-only, and worlds can be restricted to be only visible to crew members. A single player can have maximum 3 crews.

Crews alone cost 1000 Energy.

Crew Items

Name Description Energy Cost Gem Cost
x Faceplate: code A decorative screen of code to decorate your crew profile. 2500 50
x Faceplate: confetti Party at my crew profile and everyone is invited! Comes in a single color scheme. 2500 50
x Faceplate: dots Add a spotted faceplate to your crew profile. Comes in 10 different colors! 2500 50
x Faceplate: electric Make your crew profile look shockingly good! Comes in 10 different colors! 2500 50
x Faceplate: fog A mysterious fog rolls over your crew profile...Comes in 10 different colors! 2500 50
x Faceplate: paint Add a splash of paint to you crew profile, for the real artists among us. Comes in 10 different colors! 2500 50
x Faceplate: stripes Mark your crew profile with stripes. Comes in 10 different colors! 2500 50
x Faceplate: tile Embellish your crew profile with colorful glazed tiles! 2500 50
x Faceplate: gold An exclusive, expensive, fancy gold look for your crew profile. 2500 50
x Logo world Design your crew logo by using the minimap of this 100x100 world 3000 60
x Crew Member Descriptions Unlock the option to add descriptions to your crew members 1000 20
x Pick New Color Preview and pick new colors for your crew profile! 200 2
x Rank Creation & +1 Rank Unlocks the ability to create custom ranks for your crew 3000 60
x Crew Rank Add an additional custom rank to your crew 200 2
x Unlock faceplates Unlock the ability to add fancy faceplates to your crew profile! 7500 150
x Unlock crew profile colors Unlocks the ability to customize the color scheme of your crew profile! 8000 160