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Smileys are the controllable avatars of all players in Everybody Edits. There are many ways of obtaining a smiley, though most can be bought from the Shop. Users with Gold Membership are able to toggle a gold border around their smiley.


Players can control their smiley with either the arrow keys or WASD and pressing space to jump. Players can switch between their owned smileys during gameplay at any time. The only smiley with a unique function when worn is Bruce, which allows the player to obtain the hidden Bruce NPC through magic when worn. Aside from this, the differences between smileys are only cosmetic—some smileys change the player's color on a minimap. These include Ninja, Robber, and Spy which appear very transparent, and Police which appears rich blue.

Guests and newly registered accounts have 36 smileys to select from, though more can be gotten through various means. Most can be purchased from the Energy Shop using energy, while some holiday or seasonal smileys can be bought through the Classic Shop

Some smileys can be recieved while actively playing the game. The Witch, and several wizard-based smileys only come from magic. Several smileys are rewards for completing campaign worlds, which is currently the only way to get the Grinch, Fire Demon, Red Ninja, Penguin, Eyeball, Purple Ghost, Raindrop, Seagull, Devil Skull, Thor, Frozen, Red Dragon, Golem, Frost Dragon and Squirrel smileys.


  • The Kung Fu Master, Fox, and Night Vision smileys were designed by the users Tiken, Cola1, and TOOP respectively. They were designed for the Smiley Contest.[1]
  • Toby made the Worker, Bully, Commando, and Cowboy smileys.
  • TOOP redesigned over 50 smileys during his time as a staff member. Redesigned smileys by TOOP were made public on April 18, 2015.
  • ByteArray redesigned five smileys. Redesigned smileys by ByteArray were made public on February 27, 2018.
  • When the Diamond Action item was first added, players wore a variation of the Big Spender instead of Diamond Touch. Unlike the Big Spender, it has a monocle on its right eye and a shorter hat: 006 fake big spender.png
  • The Mad Scientist Smiley was changed to a 'monster' smiley on October 24, 2012 for a short while, as can be seen here: 008 monster.png


  • Smileys are heavily based on very early Facebook emoticon images. Some expressions were directly taken and touched up, as can be seen here: Facebooksmileys.png

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